Percy Jackson on Disabilities

Growing up, the only exposure I had to disabilities was through face-to-face conversations and interactions through school- and community-based programs. It felt as though disability culture was shunned from the media. As we have been reading more and more about models with disabilities, dolls with disabilities, and characters in TV shows for adult and child … Read more

The Day When Even the Advocate Was Quick to Judge

Last weekend, I celebrated date night in a quaint, very romantic Italian restaurant. When we walked in, I immediately noticed the single red rose at every table and the flickering, slowly burning votive candles that set an inviting yet luxurious tone. The dining room had a fire crackling behind the stately stone hearth. I knew … Read more

When she is five she’ll talk, right?

A few weeks ago, we shared a post by Hillary Savoie, who wrote about a startling conversation with a receptionist who told her that her biggest fear was having a child with a disability. We’ve invited Hillary back to share another story about her daughter’s interaction with a curious little girl with a lot of … Read more

Thinking of Inclusion This Halloween

Even as an adult, I always love Halloween. Delicious candy, carving Jack-o-Lanterns, frighteningly fun haunted houses, and the hilariously crazy costumes just scratch the surface of all that Halloween has to offer. Every year, I always have so much fun reminiscing about the unique costumes I’ve worn in the past– my favorites were the year … Read more

Just Me and my OCD

This week, are are so honored to share the true story of Deborah, who battles OCD with a witty sense of humor and a kind heart. Deborah’s post below originally appeared on her personal blog, but it has been reproduced with her permission This is what my life looks like on Facebook. I have a … Read more


I recently learned that October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, or NDEAM. As many of you may know from my past blog posts, I previously worked as a job coach for an adult with autism, whom I will call Tom. Working with Tom was a dream– he was so kind-hearted, funny, dedicated, and driven … Read more

She Keeps Moving

This week, we are sharing the story of Evie, a 20-month-old girl who is rocking inclusion! Thanks to her mom, Michelle, for sharing their experience with us. A couple weeks ago I was picking Evie up from daycare and noticed a huge display in the lobby titled, “It’s okay to be different”. The entire focus promoting inclusion … Read more

Broadway Star Uses Voice for Inclusion

Late last week, I came across a New York Times article that told the story of a Broadway star who spoke up for inclusion. During a matinee performance of his show, “The King and I,” a child with autism became disruptive. After hearing so many other audience members complaining loudly, saying things like, “Why would … Read more

The Power of Discussion

I’ve been feeling pretty nervous about inclusion lately. You may have read in the past that I am a special education teacher. This year, I’m teaching all English support– two blocks of co-taught class and one block of “self-contained” (or as my school and I call it, “separate class,” because self-contained sounds so icky). I’ve decided … Read more

“They Didn’t Like Me”

Last week, I gave one of my first assignments to my English class– asking students to write a letter to their teachers, outlining their goals for this year and describing last year’s experience in school. One of the new students, who is new to our school this year, wrote, “At my old school, all of … Read more