Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Last Fall, this video, in which Lily Eskelsen Garcia explains ALL that teachers do each day, went viral. … And it’s true! Many teachers are caregivers, primary emotional support providers, instructional experts, snack-givers, referees, relationship-builders, and much more. Teachers, thank you for all that you do to promote confidence and help students find  a sense … Read more

Happy Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week!

This week is National Afterschool Association (NAA)’s Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week! This week is a chance to thank the people who make an incredible range of afterschool activities possible for children and families across the United States. With two parents who worked full-time, I attended after-school activities throughout my childhood. I had the opportunity to … Read more

Teaching All People to Change Their Aim

This week, Torrie, our CEO at KIT, sent along the following video to all of us at KIT. The video, produced by Torrie’s friend Shelley Moore, explains the purpose and value of inclusion in a way that enhances our understanding of why (and how) we include. My favorite part of this analogy is that, when … Read more

When Students Admit They Need Help

We’ve all had that student. The one who pushes our extra help away because he doesn’t want his friends to know he struggles. The one who puts down teachers in front of peers to gain a few laughs. The one who acts like (and sometimes says outright) he doesn’t want to be in your class. … Read more

A Time When High Expectations and Inclusion Weren’t Enough

Friends, This week, I’d like to share with you a story about a young man with whom I have worked this year. This year, I had my hands full with Mark. Mark transferred to our school for 8th grade, and we did not know he had an IEP until 2 weeks into the school year. … Read more

That Kid That Needs a Little Bit More Love

We all have that one student that needs a little bit more love… The one that really pushes our buttons. The one who we think about on evenings and weekends who we just don’t know how to reach. Well, this student for me last year was a seventh grader named Amanda. Amanda frequently walked right … Read more


This year, in honor of World Down Syndrome Day (which was this Monday!), Italian advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi released a touching video which shows famous (neurotypical) actress Olivia Wilde demonstrating all of the ways that she sees herself– as someone who people can rely on, someone who laughs (and occasionally cries), someone who achieves … Read more

Torrie at SxSWedu!

Last week, our amazing CEO, Torrie Dunlap, spoke at South by Southwest’s education conference (SXSWedu) about the impact of inclusion and its growing capital in education and beyond. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to partner with such an innovative and inspiring organization. Below, please read the transcript of Torrie’s talk at … Read more

Spotlight on Samuel

“Ms. Hopkins, you know Doctor Who?” Samuel asks me at the end of class about once per week. He always follows this question up with a conversation about a highly specific topic of the BBC show, which I admit I have not yet watched (despite much encouragement from lowed ones). Samuel is one of the most endearing … Read more

Why We #LOVEinclusion

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Unified Theater, the program that provided me with my first inclusive experience. In February, Unified Theater hosted #LOVEinclusion month to build excitement around inclusion and the ways it has affected our development. Now, I know we are a couple of days late, but we at KIT decided to share … Read more