She Keeps Moving

This week, we are sharing the story of Evie, a 20-month-old girl who is rocking inclusion! Thanks to her mom, Michelle, for sharing their experience with us. A couple weeks ago I was picking Evie up from daycare and noticed a huge display in the lobby titled, “It’s okay to be different”. The entire focus promoting inclusion … Read more

Broadway Star Uses Voice for Inclusion

Late last week, I came across a New York Times article that told the story of a Broadway star who spoke up for inclusion. During a matinee performance of his show, “The King and I,” a child with autism became disruptive. After hearing so many other audience members complaining loudly, saying things like, “Why would … Read more

The Power of Discussion

I’ve been feeling pretty nervous about inclusion lately. You may have read in the past that I am a special education teacher. This year, I’m teaching all English support– two blocks of co-taught class and one block of “self-contained” (or as my school and I call it, “separate class,” because self-contained sounds so icky). I’ve decided … Read more

“They Didn’t Like Me”

Last week, I gave one of my first assignments to my English class– asking students to write a letter to their teachers, outlining their goals for this year and describing last year’s experience in school. One of the new students, who is new to our school this year, wrote, “At my old school, all of … Read more

My Biggest Fear

This week, we are proud to be able to share with you a touching story from Hillary Savoie, mother of Esme and author of The Cute Syndrome. In this post, she writes about a conversation with a stranger that left a lasting impact. The receptionist on the telephone is helpful as I try desperately to … Read more

And Another School Year Begins…

Tomorrow marks the start of the next school year– my second year of teaching. Though I would not want to repeat my first year, I am a bit envious of my one-year-ago self. She was about to embark on the most inspiring an powerful journey, during which she would meet students and families who would … Read more

Taking Control Over Your Emotions When Children Lose Control Over Theirs

I’ve experienced every emotion over the past few weeks, from revulsion to rage, when thinking about the recent federal lawsuit filed on behalf of the boy and girl from Kentucky who were handcuffed by a school resource officer in their school. I had a hard time finding the words I wanted to say. I was … Read more

Whose Kids Are They, Really?

“When you test your kids…” “I want to make sure your kids get what they need.” “What should we do about your kids?” As a special education teacher, I cannot count how many times I have heard general education teachers use some of the above phrases, referring to students with disabilities. As role models to the children with whom … Read more

The Importance of Social-Emotional Learning

Imagine a child with whom you have worked in the past who had significant difficulty regulating his or her emotions. Perhaps this child came into school or daycare after getting into an argument with a sibling, and he or she was highly aggressive with adults or other kids. Maybe the child is a camper who … Read more